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Nonsurgical Cosmetic Treatment Options – Gupta Plastic Surgery

It’s a New Year, which means it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate your look. At Gupta Plastic Surgery in San Diego, we offer a host of cosmetic surgery options to help you do just that. However, we also realize that many individuals who would like to reinvent their appearance may not be ready to pursue cosmetic surgery just yet. We offer a variety of nonsurgical cosmetic treatment options to help these individuals look their best and start the New Year off right. Our nonsurgical options are also great options for patients who would like to enhance the results of a cosmetic surgery procedure they’ve already undergone.

3 Reasons to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery This Winter – Gupta Plastic Surgery

By the time spring rolls around, many people are scrambling to get their bodies “beach ready” after months of eating, drinking and socializing during the winter holiday season. Needing to get into good shape in time for summer can be a frustrating, stressful endeavor for individuals who put their beauty, fitness and health goals on the backburner during winter.

Treat the Man in Your Life to Plastic Surgery

They may not talk about it, but an increasing number of males are turning to Dr. Abhay Gupta at Gupta Plastic Surgery in San Diego for plastic surgery procedures intended to meet men’s specific needs. Men may not necessarily share the same aesthetic concerns that women have, but they still want to look great and feel young. Dr. Gupta is happy to help them do just that! The following are the most popular plastic surgery and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures for men.

Summer Makeover

Summer means it’s time to break out the bathing suit that’s been in hibernation during the winter and spring months. Abhay Gupta, MD, FACS, realizes that most women could use a little boost before donning a bikini. That is why he is happy to offer breast augmentation surgery in San Diego.

Learn About BRA Day

Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, more commonly referred to as BRA Day, is a project designed to raise awareness and education about breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy (a breast cancer treatment that involves surgically removing a patient’s breast tissue).

Treat Yourself or a Loved One to Mommy Makeover Cosmetic Surgery

San Diego plastic surgeon Abhay Gupta, MD, FACS, knows that being a mother is a rewarding, yet demanding, job. That is why Dr. Gupta is proud to offer mommy makeover cosmetic surgery to all the moms out there.

Summer Skin Care with San Diego Plastic Surgeon Dr. Abhay Gupta

Now that summer is here, you probably have your workout routine solidified so you feel confident in your bathing suit. (If not, there is still time to pursue a body contouring or breast augmentation plastic surgery procedure to help you reach your aesthetic goals faster!) But, have you thought about how your skin looks? Even if your body looks fantastic, less-than-perfect skin can detract from your natural beauty whether you are relaxing by the beach, lounging by the pool or enjoying a picnic with loved ones.

Mommy Makeover in San Diego

Mommy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery techniques designed to treat several areas of the body that can be negatively affected by pregnancy and nursing.

It’s Time to Focus on Yourself

Shhhhh … Do you hear something? Neither do we! Now that the kids have settled into the school year, the house is quiet again, and you finally have more time to focus on yourself. Use these fleeting moments of free time to treat yourself to the plastic surgery procedure or nonsurgical cosmetic treatment you have been dreaming about.

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