Possible Health Benefits of Tummy Tuck

It is widely known that the tummy tuck procedure can do incredible things for the stomach’s appearance: primarily, transforming a soft, flabby tummy into a lean, toned abdomen. But did you know that in addition to these cosmetic benefits, tummy tuck may help improve certain health issues? Read on as Dr. Abhay Gupta, our trusted San Diego tummy tuck surgeon, explains the possible health benefits.

Diminished Back Pain

It is common for individuals that have lost a significant amount of weight, or mothers that have had multiple babies to find that their abdominal muscles are severely weakened and their posture is poor. Both of these issues can lead to lower back pain that ranges in severity from mild to debilitating. Some tummy tuck patients are relieved to find that by eliminating loose skin and repairing the abdominal muscles, tummy tuck helps them rebuild core strength. Improved core strength can help minimize back pain and improve posture.

Resolve Urinary Incontinence

One of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms after a vaginal birth is urinary incontinence. Some women find that they leak urine when laughing or sneezing; these types of problems can affect a woman’s quality of life and confidence.

It has been noted that many tummy tuck patients that once struggled with incontinence experience an improvement or resolution in their symptoms after tummy tuck surgery. The surgery restores strength and stability in the abdominal and pelvic regions, which can help to remedy problems with incontinence and erase worries about leakage.

Hernia Correction

Tummy tuck can be extremely helpful to patients that develop ventral hernias caused by abdominal weakness. Tummy tuck and hernia correction are very similar procedures and can usually be safely combined into a single operation to reduce medical expenses and recovery time.

Motivation to Exercise and Eat Right

It should not be overlooked that the results of tummy tuck inspire many patients to live a healthier lifestyle after surgery. Also, without excess abdominal skin and fat to interfere with a normal fitness routine or make exercise uncomfortable, patients usually find it easier to maintain their newly toned stomach.

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