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Breast Lift Surgery San Diego

Breast lift patients trust Dr. Abhay Gupta to lift breasts surgically, creating more youthful-looking breasts. The effects of age, heredity, substantial weight loss, nursing or gravity can weigh down breasts — quite literally — making them look deflated or extremely saggy. Nipples can start to point downward or outward with time. Nipples may seem to migrate toward the bottom of breasts, as well.

With breast lift surgery, Dr. Gupta is able to reverse the effects of aging or other factors on the breasts, giving breast lift patients perkier or more voluminous breasts. Dr. Gupta also offers combination breast lift and augmentation for patients who need more breast volume than their natural tissues provide.

Dr. Abhay Gupta discusses the difference between breast lifts and breast reduction, and how to choose between the two procedures.

Suitable Breast Lift Candidates

To be a suitable candidate for breast lift surgery with Dr. Gupta, patients must not smoke — or quit smoking well in advance of the procedure. They must also be in good overall health, both physically and mentally. Suitable breast lift candidates realize the risks involved with surgery and have realistic goals for the procedure.

With this in mind, breast lift surgery can help patients who would like to:

  • Raise breasts that are sagging or drooping due to aging, gravity, breastfeeding or other factors
  • Restore volume or firmness to breasts that are flat or look deflated due to breast feeding or major weight loss
  • Reposition nipples and areolas that face downward or point out to each side

Breast Lift Procedure

Prior to starting surgery, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia, so the patient sleeps through the procedure without feeling anything. Breast lift surgery generally takes two to three hours and is usually performed on an outpatient basis at a hospital or accredited surgical facility. Patients should arrange to have someone drive them to and from surgery.

Dr. Gupta begins the procedure by making several incisions in the breast area. He next removes any drooping skin before tightening the residual breast tissue. Dr. Gupta continues by repositioning the nipple and areola, so they sit higher on the breast. Some plastic surgeons may detach the nipple from the underlying tissue during this step. However, Dr. Gupta leaves the nipple attached to breast tissue, so patients do not experience any numbness following breast lift surgery.

Dr. Gupta lastly re-sculpts the remaining breast tissue and skin to give the breast a better shape, as well as a greater degree of projection from the chest. Breast lift patients will have a scar that is shaped like an anchor, but the majority agrees that the aesthetic benefits of breast lift outweigh the scar.

Certain patients, such as women with smaller breasts and minimal breast ptosis (sagging), may be suitable candidates for modified breast lift, which requires fewer incisions. During periareolar mastopexy, also known as “doughnut breast lift,” Dr. Gupta makes circular incisions around the perimeter of the areola and removes a doughnut-shaped section of breast skin.

By following the latest breast lift methods, Dr. Gupta is able to provide breast lift patients with innovative surgical techniques that require the fewest incisions possible, better nipple sensation and, of course, exceptional aesthetic results.


Following breast lift surgery, the patient spends a few hours in a recovery room while the anesthesia wears off. She will notice that the treated area is wrapped in bandages. Once the bandages have been removed, the patient must wear a specialized bra for a few weeks, as advised by Dr. Gupta. The surgical bra helps lessen any pain, bruising or swelling throughout the treated area. It also offers the patient added support while the breasts heal.

Each individual’s threshold for pain varies. However, it is common for breast lift patients to feel a certain amount of pain for a few days after surgery. Prior to surgery, Dr. Gupta will provide the patient with a prescription for any necessary pain medication to help alleviate any discomfort post-procedure. He may also prescribe antibiotics to help ward off possible infection.

Breast lift patients will need to request approximately 2 weeks off from their jobs. They should rest and avoid demanding activity in the first weeks after the procedure. However, they also need to walk around the house several times a day to decrease the risk of blood clots. They often need some assistance with this in the first day or two following surgery. Patients can usually return to work within two weeks and can resume their normal exercise routine once Dr. Gupta gives them the thumbs up.

Following Dr. Gupta’s instructions both before and after breast lift surgery will minimize possible surgical risks and encourage proper healing. Patients should also be sure to make it to every follow-up appointment that Dr. Gupta schedules, so he can keep an eye on their recovery.

Breast Lift Risks

There are inherent risks with any surgery. Breast lift risks are uncommon and include breast pain, a change in nipple feeling, blood clots and a possibility of revision surgery.

However, Dr. Gupta is a highly experienced plastic surgeon who takes every precaution available to minimize any risks. On their end, patients can decrease the risk of complications by avoiding smoking, and being straightforward with Dr. Gupta about their aesthetic goals and lifestyle habits.

To learn more about the many breast enhancement procedures that Dr. Gupta performs, including breast augmentation, and breast reduction, please contact Gupta Plastic Surgery by calling (858) 408-6100.

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