Breast Lift and Augmentation

Breast Lift and Augmentation San Diego

Expert breast augmentation provider Abhay Gupta, MD, FACS, realizes that sometimes breast implants are not enough to give women the perky, voluminous breasts that they want. Breast augmentation will increase the size of breasts, but some patients may also require breast lift (mastopexy) to combat drooping breast tissue and downward-pointing nipples.

As women age, skin becomes less elastic, and the effects of gravity become more apparent. These and other factors, such as nursing or significant weight loss, can cause breasts to sag or look deflated. When this happens, breast augmentation surgery alone may not be enough to restore breasts’ youthful appearance. The good news is that Dr. Gupta offers combination breast augmentation and breast lift for patients who want to elevate their breasts in addition to making them more voluptuous.

Suitable Candidates for Combination Breast Lift and Augmentation

In general, patients who do not smoke, are in good overall health and understand the surgical risks and rewards may be suitable candidates for combination breast lift and augmentation with Dr. Gupta.

Additionally, suitable candidates are those who want to treat one of the following conditions with this combination procedure:

  • ​​​​Sagging breasts caused by aging, gravity, nursing or major weight loss
  • Deflated or flat breasts that resemble pancakes
  • Breasts that do not project outwardly from the chest as much as the patient would like
Dr. Abhay Gupta explains how to choose between breast augmentations, breast lift, or both.


The Procedure

The combination breast lift and augmentation surgical procedure typically takes two and a half to three hours, and is typically considered an outpatient procedure. Breast enhancement patients should plan to have someone drive them to and from the hospital or accredited surgical facility.

Before beginning surgery, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist administers general anesthesia to maximize comfort during the procedure. To begin the surgery, Dr. Gupta makes multiple incisions on or around the breast. He next eliminates excess skin that has lost its elasticity prior to tightening leftover breast tissue.

Dr. Gupta then moves the down-facing nipples and areolas upward, making sure all parts of the breast are symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. He keeps the nipple attached to underlying breast tissue to minimize postoperative irregular nipple sensation.

Before closing the incisions, Dr. Gupta inserts either saline or silicone breast implants, depending on which type he and the patient chose during consultation. He places breast implants either over the pectoral (chest) muscle (subglandular placement) or under the chest muscle (subpectoral), depending on a variety of factors, including each patient’s individual anatomy and aesthetic desires for the outcome of the procedure.

In the final steps of the procedure, Dr. Gupta reshapes residual breast tissue, creating an improved shape and degree of outward projection. Combination breast lift and augmentation creates an anchor-shaped scar on each breast, but patients who undergo this procedure typically remark that the scar is worth more shapely, perky breasts.

After Dr. Gupta finishes the surgical procedure, he wraps the treated area with bandages, and the patient is brought to a room to recover while waiting for the anesthesia to wear off completely. Patients can usually go home a few hours after surgery, and are released to a designated adult. They should have a friend or family member stay with them that first night after surgery.


Breast enhancement patients are required to wear a surgical bra once any bandages have been removed. They should wear the bra for several weeks following surgery, as advised by Dr. Gupta. The surgical bra supports breasts during recovery and helps to lessen any pain, bruising or swelling.

Patients do commonly experience some degree of discomfort or pain in the days immediately following surgery. However, any discomfort will soon subside, and Dr. Gupta will provide breast lift and augmentation patients with a prescription for pain medication and possibly antibiotics to ward off infection.

This procedure requires patients to take at least 2 weeks off from work and their usual routine. During this time they may not lift anything heavy or do anything strenuous in the first week or more of recovery. They should, however, walk around from time to time to decrease the risk of developing blood clots, especially in the legs. Patients can go back to their normal routine and resume exercise in several weeks. Dr. Gupta will provide detailed pre- and post-procedure instructions, to which patients should closely adhere. Doing so will lessen any risks and stimulate proper healing. It is important that patients do not miss any follow-up appointments with Dr. Gupta, so he can keep an eye on their progress.

Combination Breast Lift and Augmentation Risks

Certain risks are inherent with any surgery, but most are uncommon. Risks associated with combination breast lift and augmentation include bleeding, infection, lasting pain, abnormal nipple sensation (e.g., numbness), rupturing of a breast implant, capsular contracture (the formation of scar tissue in the breast implant pocket, which causes the breast to seem hard and may cause the implant to break), formation of blood clots and a possibility of revision surgery.

San Diego breast enhancement patients trust Dr. Gupta to do whatever he can on his end to minimize surgical risks. They can do their part to minimize risks by abstaining from smoking, following a well-balanced diet, communicating honestly with Dr. Gupta throughout the entire process, and closely following any instructions that Dr. Gupta gives.

To find out more about the innovative cosmetic surgery procedures that Dr. Gupta provides, or to arrange a one-on-one consultation, please contact Gupta Plastic Surgery by calling (858) 408-6100.

Aside from offering patients in San Diego breast lift with augmentation surgery, Dr. Gupta is also pleased to offer body contouring options, such as abdominoplasty and liposuction in San Diego. The board-certified plastic surgeon also performs facial rejuvenation procedures, such as facelift, eyelid surgery and nose surgery, as well as non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as chemical peels. By providing a broad spectrum of cosmetic choices, Dr. Gupta is able to help patients achieve their aesthetic dreams.

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