Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures San Diego

Abhay Gupta, MD, FACS, a San Diego facial plastic surgeon, knows that environmental factors such as the sun and pollution can wreak havoc on patients’ skin. Plus, physiological factors, such as aging, and physical factors, such as gravity, can also be detrimental to skin.

As facial skin ages, the underlying layers of tissue produce less collagen, a protein that is crucial for young-looking skin. Skin also starts to lose elasticity and volume, and may start to sag from the effects of gravity. Visible effects of aging include facial “sun spots”, wrinkles, creases, hollows, sagging tissues and jowling.

This is where Dr. Gupta can help. He provides a variety of cosmetic treatment options — both surgical and non-surgical — to help counteract the undesirable effects of aging, sun exposure, exposure to pollution, severe acne and gravity on the face. For instance, Dr. Gupta administers injectable soft-tissue fillers to plump up the face’s sunken areas or deep creases. Injectable fillers are a great way to smooth out wrinkles, giving patients a more youthful, reinvigorated look throughout the face. Dr. Gupta also offers injectable fillers as an effective way for patients to get fuller, more appealing lips.

Dr. Gupta may also advise patients to undergo other facial procedures in conjunction with injectable fillers. For example, resurfacing treatments, such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and lasers can help even out skin tone for enhanced facial rejuvenation.

For more severe signs of facial aging, Dr. Gupta may recommend cosmetic surgery. Facial plastic surgery has greatly advanced since its humble beginnings. Technological advancements, as well as the advent of less-invasive surgical techniques, afford facial rejuvenation patients many more treatment options than they have had in the past. At Gupta Plastic Surgery, the leading-edge plastic surgeon and his staff embrace the innovative side of facial cosmetic surgery, and are proud to offer patients a wide breadth of cosmetic treatment choices to enhance their innate beauty.

Dr. Gupta will discuss these options with patients during consultation and will recommend the best treatment plan for each patient based on his or her individual anatomy and aesthetic objectives. To learn more about any of Dr. Gupta’s facial rejuvenation cosmetic surgery procedures — or his non-surgical options — or to arrange an individual consultation, please contact Gupta Plastic Surgery by calling (858) 408-6100.

Aside from being a leading authority on facial rejuvenation, Dr. Gupta is also well-trusted for his aptitude in breast enhancement and body contouring procedures. From breast augmentation to tummy tuck in San Diego, Dr. Gupta offers a range advanced surgical techniques to make patients look as fabulous as they feel.

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