Determining the Body Contouring Option That’s Right for You

If you desire slimmer and sexier body contours, you have more treatment options than ever before. Plastic surgeons like Dr. Abhay Gupta offer a wide range of procedures designed to fix your problem areas and give you an enviable physique.

For some body contouring candidates, it’s confusing to wade through the different options and determine what each entails. Dr. Gupta recommends asking yourself the following questions to narrow down your options and home in on what’s right for you.

Are you bothered by excess fat, excess skin or both?

If you are self-conscious of excess fat and excess skin in an area such as your abdomen, torso, buttocks or thighs, you could probably benefit from abdominoplasty or a lift procedure. These surgeries involve reducing unwanted fat and skin to create more attractive body contours.

If you are simply bothered by excess fat and your skin is relatively firm and elastic, you may be a great candidate for liposuction, which only eliminates excess fat. Dr. Gupta sees the best results with liposuction in cases where the skin has enough elasticity to contract after fat has been removed.

Are your abdominal muscles intact or damaged?

The abdomen is a problem area for many. But whether you could benefit more from tummy tuck or liposuction depends, in part, on the condition of your abdominal muscles. If you have been pregnant (especially multiple times), your abdominal muscles may have separated or weakened. Liposuction alone won’t fix the musculature, so you would be better off having a tummy tuck to repair and tighten the muscles.

How much time can you allocate to recovery?

Surgical procedures like liposuction require at least one to two weeks of downtime to recover. During this time, you will have strict limitations on what you can and cannot physically do.

If you want to reduce a stubborn area of fat, but can’t realistically allocate several weeks to recovering, you may want to look into SmartLipo, a minimally invasive, laser-assisted body sculpting procedure. Unlike traditional incisional surgery, SmartLipo uses a laser to liquify fat deposits, which are then suctioned from the body. The side effects are less severe and recovery is much quicker than that of conventional liposuction.

Do you have noticeable cellulite?

Cellulite is not just excess fat; it’s actually a complex problem involving fat, skin and fibrous bands underneath the skin. If you want to get rid of cellulite, liposuction or tummy tuck won’t deliver the desired results. You may be better off with Cellulaze, which is specifically targeted toward cellulite.

Talk to Dr. Gupta

The best way to determine what’s right for you is to schedule an evaluation with a board certified plastic surgeon. To make an appointment with Dr. Gupta, please call or email Gupta Plastic Surgery today.

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