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Possible Health Benefits of Tummy Tuck

It is widely known that the tummy tuck procedure can do incredible things for the stomach’s appearance: primarily, transforming a soft, flabby tummy into a lean, toned abdomen. But did you know that in addition to these cosmetic benefits, tummy tuck may help improve certain health issues? Read on as Dr. Abhay Gupta, our trusted San Diego tummy tuck surgeon, explains the possible health benefits.

Calming Nerves about Upcoming Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an exciting and potentially life-changing decision. Nevertheless, it’s common and very understandable to feel nervous or anxious about undergoing surgery. To help calm your nerves and ease your stress, trusted San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Abhay Gupta shares some tips to keep in mind in the days and weeks leading up to your surgery.VKnow What to Expect

The Best Anti-Aging Procedures for MenThe Best Anti-Aging Procedures for Men

Contrary to popular belief, many men are just as concerned about the aging process as women are. In fact, statistics show that a growing number of men are becoming more proactive in maintaining a younger-looking appearance by undergoing cosmetic enhancement. San Diego plastic surgeon Dr. Abhay Gupta treats hundreds of men each year who w

What to Look For in Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

The initial pre-operative consultation is the first step of your plastic surgery experience and one of the most important. During this appointment, you’ll meet with your prospective surgeon to learn more about his or her credentials and experience as well as your desired procedure.

Improving the Appearance of Aging Arms

The aging process can take a significant toll on the appearance of the upper arms. Even men and women that follow a healthy diet and exercise routine may notice their arms start to look flabby and saggy in their fifth or sixth decades of life. These cosmetic issues can deter someone from feeling confident enough to wear sleeveless shirts, or comfortable in shirts with tighter sleeves.

How Often Do Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced?

One of the rumors floating around about breast augmentation is that implants need to be replaced every 10 years. Unfortunately this is misleading and can confuse women who are thinking about their implant options and expecting to need surgery every decade.

Rejuvenating the Eyes with Cosmetic Treatments

The eyes are the most expressive area of the face and often the first to show signs of age. If you want your eyes to convey warmth and youth despite your age, Dr. Abhay Gupta can help. The San Diego plastic surgeon offers a variety of cosmetic treatments to combat problems like wrinkles, lines, under-eye bags and sagging skin.

Beautiful Tummy Tuck Results without Telltale Signs of Surgery

Tummy tuck is one of the most popular and powerful procedures San Diego plastic surgeon Abhay Gupta offers. Tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, involves removing excess abdominal skin and fat and repairing damaged or separated muscles for a flatter and firmer abdomen. With a more attractive abdomen, patients’ self-confidence usually skyrockets and they feel much happier about their appearance.

How Much Time Should I Take Off Work after Plastic Surgery?

Are you ready to book your plastic surgery procedure? You might be curious how much time to request off from work to recover from your surgery. Although the answer is different for everyone, Dr. Abhay Gupta’s general timelines for recovery might be helpful.

Debunking Common Breast Implant Myths

You’ve probably heard about the popular Discovery Channel show called MythBusters. Maybe you have even seen an episode or two. Dr. Abhay Gupta was inspired by the concept of the show to publish his own version of MythBusters: Breast Implant Edition. Here, he debunks the most common myths about saline and silicone breast implants.

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