Top Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

The laser has revolutionized skincare treatment. There are now many laser procedures, each designed with the needs of the patients in mind. Laser skin resurfacing is among the popular laser treatments. It is useful for reducing the visibility of age spots, wrinkles, acne scars, and other skin blemishes. Also, it tightens the skin and balances its tone.

As its name suggests, the procedure involves peeling off some skin layers to give way to new skin cells. You start to look healthier and younger. But, in the period before new cells appear, the skin becomes hypersensitive to the sun’s rays. As such, laser skin resurfacing is best done during the cold months, in the fall or winter.

There are many benefits to having laser skin resurfacing. Here are some:

It Rejuvenates Your Skin


Laser skin resurfacing removes any blemishes and makes your skin look great again. Resurfacing delivers excellent results. Unlike creams and base that only cover or conceal the wrinkles and blemishes, laser skin resurfacing completely removes them. It leaves your skin looking supple and incredible, with no need to cover it with different products.


The Results Are Permanent


Besides excellent results, the next best perk of having laser skin resurfacing is that the results last a long time. The skin does not reverse back to its old form, as with many other skincare treatments. Your new skin is free from the blemishes or scars of your former skin. Be aware that your new skin will still age at some point, although it cannot revert to its old state. But, you can slow down the aging by moisturizing and keeping your skin from the sun and other harsh elements.


It Makes Your Enlarged Pores Smaller


People develop enlarged poles courtesy of age and genetics. When pores enlarge, they make your skin appear uneven and bumpy. Rough skin makes you feel uncomfortable around other people, and your social life may suffer considerably. But, with laser skin resurfacing, your poles become smaller, and your skin evens out. These results last a long time.


It Brings Down Prominent Blood Vessels


Many people have prominent blood vessels they call spider veins or broken capillaries. The condition is caused by irritations to the skin, exposure to the sun, alcoholism, and hormones, among others. Laser skin resurfacing removes the spider veins in only one or two sessions.


Encourages the Production of Collagen


The elasticity of your skin reduces with age. Also, gravity does not favor you. Over time, it pulls everything down, and with no elasticity, your skin cannot bounce back as it could before.


But, laser skin resurfacing encourages the production of collagen in both the treated and untreated areas. Collagen production boosts the elasticity of your skin, making it firmer, and giving you a youthful look. What’s more, there is a considerable immediate change, and the results continue to improve with time.


The Process Is Easy and Quick


Top among the pull factors for this procedure is that you can get it quick and easy. A typical session lasts between thirty and forty-five minutes, depending on what’s being done. You could walk into a clinic during your lunch break, and have it without obstructing your schedule. Also, it helps that laser skin resurfacing is done on an outpatient basis. This is to say that once your procedure is complete and you are cleared, you can go home immediately. You will not need an overnight stay at the clinic or hospital.


You are sure to enjoy these and many other benefits of laser skin resurfacing. Choose a certified and experienced doctor and speak to him or her about your needs. Visit Gupta Plastic Surgery in San Diego and Carlsbad, California, for consultation with Dr. Gupta. You can also call 858-408-6100 to request an appointment.

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