Do’s & Don’ts: Recovering from Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation isn’t something to be undertaken lightly, and like any other surgery, what you do following your procedure is just as essential to your recovery and the visual outcome as what happens during the surgery itself. Here are some of the most important do’s and don’ts for recovering from a breast augmentation procedure.

DO make plenty of time to rest

It’s impossible to understate the importance of rest following any surgical procedure, and breast augmentation is no exception. The more that you can rest, particularly during the first few weeks after your surgery, the more quickly your body should be able to recover and heal. If you have commitments at home, such as children or pets, make sure that you arrange for some help beforehand so that you are able to relax as much as possible. Your surgeon will advise you to avoid any strenuous exercise for at least 3 or 4 weeks, or you are given their express permission. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should stay completely still. It’s important to still move around a little to encourage your circulation and prevent blood clots from forming. Your surgeon will give you more guidance on this. If at any point your activity causes you pain, stop right away, and speak to your breast augmentation surgeon.

DON’T skip your pain medication

Some degree of pain is to be expected following breast augmentation surgery, and you will be given medications to help you cope. However, it’s essential that you take these exactly as directed or they won’t provide the relief that you need to keep you comfortable. Any extreme or unexpected pain should be mentioned to your surgical team immediately. Nausea is also a common effect experienced after breast augmentation. Again, you may be given medication to help combat this. Any severe and sudden nausea shouldn’t be ignored.

DO follow instructions for caring for your wounds

Once you are discharged home, you will need to take over the responsibility of caring for your wounds. The initial dressings should stay in place for around a week, at which time you’ll be asked to attend a post-operative check-up so that we can assess the progress of your healing. After this time, you’ll need to clean and care for your wounds, so you’ll be provided with specific instructions on how to do this. Following these is essential if you are to minimize your risk of infection and subsequent complications.

DON’T be tempted to indulge in junk food

What you eat will play an important role in your recovery following your breast augmentation procedure. You may be tired and craving convenience food, but getting the right nutrition is essential for good healing and prompt recovery. Your surgeon will recommend that you stick to a healthy, balanced diet with lots of lean meats, vegetables, and fruit. You should also make sure that you stay properly hydrated, drinking at least the recommended 8 glasses of water each day. In some instances, you may also be recommended to take some supplements to boost your health and enhance your recovery.

DO wear your support garment and plan for post-surgery bras

After your surgery, you’ll be dressed in a special compression garment that will hold your breasts in place while they heal. This garment also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, which should improve your recovery time. It’s important to wear this as directed for the best results and the quickest and most straightforward recovery following your surgery. This is likely to be for at least 8 – 12 weeks depending on the guidance of your surgeon.


After this time, you will be recommended to wear bras that are specifically designed for supporting your breasts post-surgery as much as possible. These are referred to as surgical bras, and sports bras work just as well. These will help give your breasts the best support and sustain your results long-term.


If you would like more advice on recovering after a breast augmentation procedure, don’t hesitate to speak to our knowledgeable cosmetic surgery team.

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