Cosmetic Procedures to Get Your 2021 Summer Body

Summer is fast approaching, and many people can’t wait for sunny days, rising temperatures, and the ability to leave sweaters, coats, and boots firmly in their winter wardrobe. Nevertheless, there are also some people who are feeling a little apprehensive at the prospect of shedding their winter layers and revealing more of their body than they have done in many months. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can prepare your body for the warmest season of the year, including cosmetic surgery. Here’s our guide to some of the most effective cosmetic procedures you can use to get your 2021 summer body ready.



Liposuction remains one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in the United States. The procedure is designed to target stubborn areas of fat that typically don’t respond to diet and exercise. The most common areas to have liposuction include the thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, lower back, and upper arms. The procedure is usually performed under general anesthetic. While you are asleep, saline solution is injected into the target area to help break down the fat cells, enabling them to be removed via suction using a cannula. The incisions used are very small, and your cosmetic surgeon can use the cannula to sculpt and shape your body while removing the excess fat.




Liposuction has long been considered one of the most effective ways of removing stubborn areas of fat that aren’t addressed through diet and exercise alone. SmartLipo is an innovative new form of liposuction that, as the name suggests, utilizes laser technology in order to disrupt and break down fat cells within the body, so that they can be successfully removed using suction. The laser itself is inserted via a small, thin tube called a cannula that passes into the target area of the body. The laser focuses on the fat cells, liquifying them. The oily substance that remains is then removed via suction. While fat cells cannot reproduce, they can grow larger. This means that it’s important to maintain your weight as gaining weight could cause existing cells to get bigger, increasing your overall size.


There are typically fewer complications associated with SmartLipo, and there is less swelling, bruising, and bleeding when compared with standard liposuction. Better still, it can be performed using just a local anesthetic.




Many people suffer from the lumpy skin on their thighs and buttocks that resembles cottage cheese and characterizes cellulite. Cellulite occurs when excess fat pockets in the area start to push through the fibrous bands of skin tissue, creating a dimpled appearance. While cellulite is very normal, many people find that it causes them to feel self-conscious or even embarrassed about the way that they look, especially in summer. Cellulaze is an effective non-surgical treatment that uses laser energy to penetrate the skin and break down the structural components that cause the appearance of cellulite. It’s non-invasive, with no need for anesthesia and no downtime, and can leave patients with skin that is smooth and free from cellulite.


Tummy Tuck


A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is another popular procedure that is designed to address the appearance of the midsection. It is particularly sought after by people who have lost a significant amount of weight or who have had children. In both situations, there is likely to be excess stubborn fat as well as stretched skin that doesn’t spring back to how it was before. A tummy tuck can be used to remove any excess fat/skin from someone who has lost a considerable amount of weight. It can also be used to repair stomach muscles that may have weakened significantly or separated. It is a major procedure, so patients should be made aware of the risks involved and prepare for a fairly lengthy recovery.


Body Lift


Body contouring is a great way of addressing any problem areas caused by a loss of skin elasticity and excess fat, that can cause parts of the body to lose their natural shape and firmness. A body lift is a surgical procedure in which incisions are used to remove any loose skin and fat and pull the remaining area tight, restoring the natural contours that are more youthful and attractive. A body lift is often combined with liposuction in order to achieve the greatest degree of improvement.



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