Breast Augmentation: Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

If you are unhappy with the shape and size of your breasts and would like them to be larger and fuller, you can now achieve this dream through breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world, with studies estimating that around 400,000 women in the United States choose the procedure every year.


If you are considering undergoing breast augmentation surgery, you will have a number of important decisions to make. As well as thinking about the size of your breast implants, you will also need to decide which type of implant you want to have. When it comes to artificial breast implants, there are two options. Silicone and saline. But how do you know which to choose? Here’s what you need to know to help you make your decision.


Silicone Breast Implants


Silicone implants are arguably the most well-known variety. These artificial implants are pre-filled with high-grade silicone, meaning that you simply choose the size implants that you would like, and they are inserted into the chest cavity whole. However, this also means that they require a fairly large incision to be placed. The larger the implant, the larger the incision required to insert them. This can mean that the scars in silicone implant surgery are more extensive than those seen in saline implants, although every effort is made to hide them, and they will still fade over time.


In terms of texture, many people prefer silicone implants because they tend to feel more natural than saline alternatives. There are different types of saline implants available, and you will be able to feel them to determine how squishy and natural they feel when choosing the variety of implants to have.


Are Silicone Implants Safe?


In the past, there have been some concerns raised over the safety of silicone breast implants. This is because there is a small risk that implants will rupture, and this could leak silicone into the body. Most silicone implant ruptures happen very slowly, meaning that it can take time to realize that you have been affected. Nevertheless, silicone breast implant rupture is fairly rare, and provided that you undergo checks to verify the viability of your implant at the suggested times, and you have your procedure performed by an experienced and reputable surgeon, there is no reason why silicone implants shouldn’t be perfectly safe.


Saline Breast Implants


Saline breast implants have an outer shell that is made from silicone, but the shell is inserted into the body empty and then filled with sterile salt water to achieve the breast size that you are looking for. Since they are inserted empty, the incision used to place them can be much smaller than with silicone implants. Another benefit of saline implants is that the amount of saline used to fill them can be carefully adjusted. This makes them ideal for patients who may have one breast larger than the other and are trying to achieve perfect symmetry. While there is also a small risk of saline implants leaking, saline is a harmless substance and typically, the breasts lose volume much more quickly and noticeably.


One drawback of saline implants is that many people report that they feel much less natural than silicone alternatives. Some people also say that they can be seen more easily under the skin, causing a rippling effect. However, many patients are perfectly happy with their saline implants.


Choosing the right type of breast implant is a very personal decision and which is right for you will depend on your individual circumstances. Your breast augmentation surgeon will be happy to discuss this with you to help you make the best choice for you.


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